A day at Penparc Cottage

Artworks left at the cottage by artists Steffan Jones-Hughs and Jeanette Orrell, who stayed there last week. Steffan made the painting of the cottage viewed from the back garden, and Jeanette made two studies of plants.

The Cottage

Beautiful, soft sea-light on old plaster and tongue and groove.


Vintage charger painted by me in cold enamel.

Foliate head serving-dish that I made in the ceramic workshop of Pip Koppel.

Plate thrown by Pip Koppel and slip-decorated by me with a nautilus.


A happy day!

8 thoughts on “A day at Penparc Cottage

  1. Penparc looks like a small piece of heaven Clive. The place has such a lovely relaxed Kettle’s Yard vibe and I love the way Steffan has captured the cottage in his painting.

    Jack is obviously in his element beside the seaside. Is it at Aberporth where he goes canoeing with you and Peter? He is such a man of action!!

  2. Old cheesy song, ‘Memories are made of this,’ remembering my own delight of us sharing the magic space with you and the ‘LONG!’ walk to the sea.
    Love as ever
    B xxx

  3. Wow, look at Jack’s heroic leap! I’ll bet he had a whale of a time. Love the nautilus plate – just beautiful. Looks peaceful there.

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