Christmas at Camelot

Preparing to start on the series Gawain and the Green Knight with Dan Bugg at Penfold Press has been the biggest adventure. And now we’re off at a gallop with the first in the series of fourteen editioned prints based on the poem. Click on the link below to read James Russell’s bracing description of the image.


You can find details of the print at The Penfold Press

13 thoughts on “Christmas at Camelot

  1. I have not been able to visit properly for a while. The moment the plaster cast came off my arm, I was immersed in a work crisis. (In a family business, problems are doubly difficult.) The worst part seems to be over as of yesterday. (Not totally sure yet, but it looks promising) So when I saw this entry I went directly to Dan at the Penfold Press and ordered my copy of the print.

    Dan says he will begin to send prints on Monday. I can’t wait.

    • Maria, I’d noticed that you’d been absent at the Artlog, and thought maybe work was the culprit, as I knew your arm was on the mend. So sorry to hear about the problems that dragged you back to the fray the instant your plaster-cast was off, and I hope that having set things to right, you may now have an easier time. You’ll be needing to exercise that arm and build the strength back in it.

      Despite all this, you’ve been very quick off the mark at ordering a print, as it was only launched midday yesterday! So I’m hugely pleased to hear that you like it well enough to want a copy. Thank you so much.

  2. I can’t ride real horses but nothing and no one can prevent me from trotting along being part of the graceful company.
    Yours, in flowing robes, hawk on wrist and a smile on my lips.
    Festive greetings from the sea
    ‘Lady’ B xxx

  3. Congratulations on the launch of the first print in the ‘Gawain & the Green Knight’ series.

    Having had the privilege to closely observe the preparatory stages of ‘Christmas at Camelot’, I am intrigued by what Dan Bugg and his printmaking skills have further added to the mix, including some fascinating experimentation with the Hicks-Jenksian colour palette. What has been so beautifully brought to life in this print brings to mind a wonderful quote, which captured my imagination recently, about Camelot being built by Merlin using “the memories of the Ages of Bronze, Silver and Gold”. I am now really looking forward to seeing the print in reality, so I can explore some more!

  4. Wow, the print looks magnificent. There’s so much wonderful stuff going on with the mark making and colour but it all knits together so beautifully, this is one handsome print. I love you choice of subject matter from the story Clive, it’s a timeless moment; delicate, complex and wistful – beautiful!

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