The Spaces Between. Part 2: On Show


Above: Detail from The Rapture

Looking back, I’m not at all sure why I kicked off the Artlog by deciding to make stage by stage posts of The Congregation of Birds. Given I’d been shy of visitors to the studio while any painting was in progress on the easel, it seems at this distance to have been quite a challenge to myself to have produced fourteen posts during twelve days spent making a single work. I know there were times when I thought I’d made a mistake and should back out of the venture before I made a complete fool of myself. But I stuck with it, and afterwards there was a sense of having achieved what I set out to do, which was to strip some of the mystery away from how a work is produced. The posts can be viewed at this link:

The Saint Francis Diary

Since then I’ve made two start-to-finish posts at the Artlog, and I rather wish I’d made more. They’re a good record, because there can be no doubt that while I imagine I’ll recall all the stages that go into making a painting, without photographs I quite quickly forget what’s under the top layer of it. Sometimes I make notes, especially when something is hard-won and I want a reminder of how I went about the resolving problems. Occasionally I have good intentions to photograph a work-in-progress, but get so deeply engaged by the day-to-day painting, that I forget to make the photographs necessary for a visual diary. My studio diary for Touched may be found if you click on ‘Annunciatons’ in the Topics bar, and once there, scroll down. (There were fourteen days of work that I recorded on it, but alas I ran out of files for my ‘Topics’ box, and couldn’t bundle the posts together in a link for easy access.)

The last ‘diary’ of a painting at the Artlog, was for a large Tobias and the Angel painting. Damian Walford Davies watched its progress, and by the day the painting was finished, he’d produced the beautiful poem that became its title; The Rapture.

Tobias and Raphael Diary

Although there haven’t been any more ‘diaries’ of paintings, I do try to post regular project updates at the Artlog, and Hansel & Gretel and Skin/Skôra may both be located in the Topics box. I hope shortly to add Gawain and the Green Knight, but first need to work out how to upgrade the number of categories that I’m allowed. I’ve currently reached my limit.

4 thoughts on “The Spaces Between. Part 2: On Show

  1. I´ve had “end of year ” and problems at work, and family gatherings ( invasions, more like, even if pleasurable and enjoyed ), and have not been able to come.
    So I would like to wish a Happy Christmas and New Year to Clive, to Peter, to Jack, to Sarah, and to everyone at ” The Artlog”.

    And to say this entry is great. I have gone to the Saint Francis, and to the Tobias ans Raphael links, and have enjoyed them enormously . And I shall visit them again and again. This blog is wonderful. I wish Botticcelli, Hieronimus Bosch, Patinir/ Metsys, Kandinsky … had had the idea, and the means to do something like this.
    And that my print of “Christmas at Camelot” arrived on time. And that everyone loves it.

    So, again : My best for all of you.
    And Good Night

  2. You are so generous to show us your work as it progresses, Clive. It’s such an intimate process and opens the maker to such vulnerability……thank you, thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I love being able to see your work in progress, Clive. I’m not sure how you can do it so well and keep producing work as quickly as you do! You’re a great role model! Thank you for posting so diligently. It much take a huge amount of time and effort, but it’s much appreciated!

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