Lloyd and H-J play ‘Exquisite Corpse’


Artist Peter Lloyd and I have a little game going/project cooking.


He came up with the idea while staying with us at Ty Isaf just before Christmas. One night I overheard him emerge from his bedroom and set off down the stairs.


When he hadn’t come back fifteen minutes later, I followed to make sure everything was OK, only to find him groomed, dressed and looking ‘wired’ over coffee at the kitchen table.


It was 4.30 AM! He said his mind was too active to sleep, and it has to be admitted, mine was too.



Peter’s idea is for us to create a modern-day Bestiary in which the creatures have evolved from the technologies of communication we are all so addicted to.




‘Devices’ from the laptop to the smartphone have changed the ways we work, shop, gather information, are entertained, reach out, stay in touch and have rumpty tumpty! (Slang in the UK for  S E X)



Peter made a list of six subjects… including ‘online dating’ and ‘sexting’… and the images are being made and assembled by playing ‘Exquisite Corpse’. We each make the heads and lower extremities for our three ‘Beasts’, and the ‘middle bits’ for the other person’s choices.


Early drawing stages right now, but the final works will be made as papercuts, in each case assembled from three elements stacked together to make a single figure.


We’ll see where this goes.

9 thoughts on “Lloyd and H-J play ‘Exquisite Corpse’

  1. Great to have new entries back at the Artlog.

    And what fun! Thank you for the game. Shall we make bets as to who did which drawings? Some of them look unmistakably yours!)

    • Hello Maria. Happy New Year!

      Peter Lloyd and I have distinctly different drawing styles, and while we’re not trying to be the same, working through the medium of papercuts will likely unify the collaboration.

      OK. The pencil works are mine. However there are also a couple of papercut images alongside Peter’s ink drawings which are mine too… though to my eyes they look as though they could have been made by either of us.

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