Winter Knight Redux

While surfing Pinterest for reference material on armour as I progress with my Gawain print series with the Penfold Press, I chanced upon this version of my 2014 painting, Winter Knight. I have no idea who made it, but I rather like the vibrant green/red combo, and the collaged wooly beard! I like, too, the fine, squiggly marks on the fur collar, which look as though they might be sgrafitto. (Marks made by scratching through wet paint to the underlying colour/surface.)

Here’s the original, for comparison. Have to say that I feel rather flattered that someone wanted to make their own version, and I really like it!

19 thoughts on “Winter Knight Redux

  1. Remembering the events of the last 16 years at my school, I had almost forgotten my time in the classroom having moved to ivory towers 😦 Oh yes the green knight! Been thinking of a suitable leaving gift, something to inspire, looking at random art online that is empty of meaning, perhaps a sketch of yours would be fitting. Am on to pastures new, wishing for a happy ending: bitter sweet as I say goodbye.

    • Hello, Diana.

      Write to me at the contact address at my official website,, so that we can have a private conversation.

      The painting of the Winter Knight was acquired by friends, and so I get to regularly see it in their sitting-room in Cardiff. The pendant painting of Sir Gawain took a good deal longer to find a home, and it went much further afield, to India.

      I hope you find your happy ending. And if a Winter Knight sketch will help pave the path to it, then I shall ransack my studio plan chest to see what I can find.

  2. The children have done a great job, they should all be very proud (including the teacher). I like his beard – great use of green fur fabric!
    I remember doing a class project on the Green Knight at school. I decided to make a soft toy of him with a removable head. I finished the body, complete with small Velcro neck square ready to hold his head ‘on’ – but I never got around to actually making his head – ho hum
    (I remember how cute yet sad he looked sitting there with no head)

  3. I love it, you can see how carefully the artists have thought about your painting and their own interpretation is so lively; this knight has got real character!
    I never did anything as fun as this when I was at school – bravo teacher 😊

  4. Just so incredibly chuffed that you found our class version of your fabulous green knight on Pinterest Clive, and feel immensely inspired by making a connection with an artist that I can then transfer to my class. Was a group of 5 chd who worked on this piece, having used a technique we’ve adopted before, whereby we projected an image on interactive white board. They had a short amount of time but we’ll discuss use of pastels nxt wk when the rest of class use their pencil + chalk sketches to create final piece. We looked closely at your blog on creating the Winter Knight to produce our sketches. Made me chuckle that one child said, when I mentioned the tattoos, that they reminded him of Justin Bieber’s.

    Thank you again for your comment Really motivating for myself and, more importantly, the children. Can’t wait to share this with them again!

        • Looking forward to sharing these comments with my class on Thursday, when they will be using their sketches to produce individual versions. Still so amazed that the children will have feedback from a truly global art community, just never fully understood the power of the web for this before. Will certainly email the most successful and also surprising versions. I have come to find that it is often those who you least suspect come to produce brilliance, which in turn is a great surprise to them. Best job ever!!

  5. Very neat! How interesting to encounter the painting! I occasionally encounter my nature photos which have been altered – sometimes in amusing ways. About a year ago, I stumbled upon one of my frog photos that had been turned into a sort of commando complete with a pair of rockets cloned onto its back! (-:

    • Oh my! I have yet to find my Winter Knight equipped with paramilitary gear! I think someone took liberties with your frog! Tell you what, Bev, if I find any more paintings of mine reinvented by enthusiasts, I’m going to start a dedicated Pinterest board! (-;

      • Incredible! I must admit I did briefly and idly wander around the ‘net to see if I could find the source, how pleasing to know who it was! Comparing the colours it’s interesting that they kept the red eye, the red tattoos and the ear, then interpreted the beard and hair and face as greens. I agree, too, what a great teacher, the artists of tomorrow are lucky to be introduced to your work, that image will remain with them for life.. XxL

        • I find it creatively stimulating, Liz, to discover that images are being disseminated so widely through the medium of online. Artists whose work would once have reached only the smallest communities of followers, can be seen thanks to the world-wide-web. I’ve discovered practitioners, appreciators, collaborators and kindred spirits around the globe, whose ideas I could never have experienced, save through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s staggering, heartening, and exciting!

  6. That made me smile, Clive. I like it too. I thought of you this morning as I’m about to make a cardboard cut out horse for a fancy dress cowboy party this evening and will have to make him in parts and put him together at the venue, so that he fits in our tiny car. I won’t have time to make him properly articulated like your beautiful maquettes. He’ll be a thrown together thing, but I’ll bear you in mind for inspiration!! x

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