As Peter Lloyd and I produce paper-cut elements toward our Exquisite Corpse project, Peter has been playing with a digital colouring app. The image above is of three cuts made by me (head, text and fetish-boot), put together as a part of the process of trying different juxtapositions. The images below are the results of Peter playing with the image.


This is all still at a stage of experimentation and development, and although we have ideas as to how we might take things forward, we remain pretty free-flowing while in the the process of creating the paper-cut building-blocks. Usually on projects I have very clear ideas of where I’m going, but because Peter and I have no expectations or deadlines with this, there is a wonderful lack of pressure, and an exhilarating sense of creativity and fun.



Here’s a ‘colourisation’ of a couple of Peter’s cuts.


Project status: ongoing


5 thoughts on “Colourised

  1. The paper cuts and the coloured versions are so exciting; playing with the images in the colouring app creates such different feels and qualities, it’s brill.
    And Judy’s building blocks idea is so good I’m going to have to steal it, sorry.

  2. It constantly amazes me how much an image is changed by different colours – the ‘words/songs/stories’ and ideas that flow out from it are totally different according to the colour. That blue/purple version of your head/text/boot seems more subversive (more kind of secretive) than the black and white one or the red tones one. Judy’s building blocks idea sounds fab….I can just see these images on them. Lovely to see you having so much fun!

  3. These are fabulous. I think you are referring to ‘building blocks’ in a metaphorical sense, but I’ve missed a few of your posts over the Australian summer so I couldn’t be certain and I would put no creative endeavour past you. It did occur to me that your designs would look truly sensational on actual building blocks though. Some sides pure pattern, some with illustrated objects. (I can just see that shoe on a block.) I have quite a fancy for building blocks. Enjoy your Exquisite Corpse!

    • Ha ha! Well as you guessed, I was speaking metaphorically, but now you’ve mentioned it, wow, YES, building blocks would be gorgeous! Oh my! So many ideas, and not enough time. And you KNOW how much I love building blocks! Mmmmm. That’s one to think on. Thank you very much. I think this is going to be lodged in my brain until I damned well do something about it. Tee hee!

      This project has grown to the point where I’ve made a special category for it, and so if you’d like to read about its origins, then click on ‘Exquisite Corpse’ in the topics box on my home page, and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the first post, in which all was explained. Sending very best wishes, C x

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