The Great Blandish

Here’s my latest papercut head in the Exquisite Corpse collaboration with Peter Lloyd.


‘The Great Blandish’ (AKA ‘Lickety-Spit’) is an online sexual predator. He… or perhaps she, for one never knows in the virtual world… entices his victims with honeyed words and persistent, hard-to-resist entreaties for intimacy. But this particular tongue is forked… or more correctly, double-bifurcated… and no words sliding off it can be trusted. Moreover, so skilled and duplicitous is the practiced seducer, that once caught fast in the coils of that tentacled, sucker-lined tongue, few have the will to break free. TGB hides from plain view behind stolen identities and photographs of hipster dudes plundered from Instagram, so no-one suspects the monstrous reality of the beast.

Here are the stages of his making.

The Drawings




The Cutting





14 thoughts on “The Great Blandish

  1. And there was I thinking you were all cosy and safe in your idyllic Welsh home with the fragrant Jack to keep you safe and along comes a hideous beast stalking you via the Internet! If Mulder and Scully do this to you can I suggest gentler viewing – Watching With Mother perhaps? ( actually, that’s now sending me off on my own horrific train of thought! )

    • First episode last night. Bliss, like dear old friends turning up on your doorstep after you’ve not seen them for donkey’s years. (Though it’s true, I did have nightmares afterwards about someone taking scoops out of me with a melon-baller!)

      How did you know that Jack’s paws smell like warm popcorn?

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