3 thoughts on “Colour Separations

  1. Gosh….I’d be sweating that my hand would slip at a crucial point! It’s so instructive to see the working process as you go on…..and whets the appetite for the final thing:-)

  2. Clive it looks great! I like very much looking over your shoulder in the processes you undergo to make it all and appreciate that you share it here.
    Can you explain what you are doing in this series of images–the red film is not actually the red in the eventual print-right?

    • The red film just denotes where the colour goes. In this case there are three layers for three colours, plus the drawing which will be printed in a dark colour, most likely black. The four layers are scanned separately, and the elements are then digitally coloured and sandwiched together to make the finished image. This means that we can experiment with different colour combinations to see what works best. Magic!

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