The Things That Made Me: part 2

Here’s my second list. All the things on it have been significant to my development. They were the accompaniments to my finding myself.

The castle and farmyard are not ones I own, but are the doubles of those I had as a child. I remember the flimsiness of the castle, and my anxiety that the thin plastic might break as I snapped the pieces together. But the farm,… oh that farm… was my pride and joy. One day it was gone. My parents quickly got rid of things they thought I’d grown out of. But I hadn’t grown out of the farm, and haven’t still. The one pictured was sold on e-bay before I spotted it. It’s listed as having been ‘Made in Sweden’. I didn’t know that, though as an adult I’d figured it was unlikely to have been British, on account of the windmill.

Just in case anyone was wondering, my big sister used to get me into X-rated films. I wore my dad’s flat-cap and car-coat, but I doubt the disguise fooled anyone!

No more words or explanations. Just the pictures. I leave it to you to put titles to the films represented by photographs.

hightoby (1)










11 thoughts on “The Things That Made Me: part 2

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  3. Hello Clive. greetings from rainy Germany. I hope this reaches you(!)… I’m not really sure how to walk around WordPress.

    Anyway, I write to show you this. It came up today, as a ‘doodle’… google cartoon… I had to think of you.

    a bit more info,..

    öK, I’ll letcha go. Before I do, I’ve to tell you; your work,.. your writings,.. really inspire us! Sometimes, we come off of the ‘streets’, dead tired, burned out and frustrated,… ;magically,… a story from you is waiting for us(!). ,…just have to say, “thanks”. Dennis ‘gallagher’ Hayes

    p.s.: ,what we’re up to,…

    Von meinem Frau’s iPad gesendet

  4. Ooh, that farm reminds me a little bit of one I had, but mine had a house too but no windmill… I have a feeling it may still be in our loft, if it is I’ll dig it out one day and send a photograph 🙂

  5. My mind is full of music, the War Lord‘s theme and the whistling arrows for Henry V and a beautiful dancer’s tragic face before her feet carry her, in spite of herself, to her doom and the scariest film in the whole wide world… Night of The Demon. My own Greek myths book, that helped ‘make me’ is a green backed one that my brother must’ve randomly picked up at school never to be returned (sorry Arnos Grove School library of 1950/1960 something)

    Ah me, lucky us.
    B xxx

    • Yes to all of that, sweet Berni. Shearer’s whitened, mask-like terror, the thrilling yet awful whistle of the air through hundreds of fletches and the Warlord theme-music that never fails to make the pit of my stomach shift. As indeed does the score for Henry V.) We are indeed lucky.

  6. Why that is SUCH a coincidence , there must be hundreds of Rupert books, yet the endpapers you’ve shown here come from the 1970 Daily Express annual, which is one of the two recent purchases I made!! Well how about that…..!? Dear old Toby Twirl…ah, and the Lone Ranger he was broadcast on Thursday evenings, why I should remember that I have no idea.
    You have plunged me into deep and sweet nostalgia. It’s so very nice to have the same memories as you.xxL

    • Then I must be mistaken, as I wouldn’t have been getting Rupert annuals when I was nineteen in 1970. This one is by Alfred Bestall, who succeeded Mary Tourtel as writer and illustrator, working from 1935 until 1965, though he continued making covers until 1973. Either this is very like one I remember from childhood, or it’s an earlier one reused. Do I recall correctly here, that they occasionally recycled the endpapers?

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