The Things That Made Me: part 3

Part 3, and I think the last of my posts on the films, TV programmes, books, comics and toys that had profound effects on me when I was a boy. I’ve left the stills without captions, so as not to spoil the fun of you figuring out which films they come from.

Click on these links for parts 1 and 2.

I’ve avoided descriptions as I want the images to speak for themselves, though I will say of the model of Boadicea that until I came upon the online image of it while searching for something else, I’d completely forgotten I’d ever had one exactly like it. The sight of it brought the memories and the pleasure flooding back, including how much I loved racing the chariot on the crazy-paving path that ran between the flowerbed and lawn of our back-garden, and the feel of the chariot’s relief decoration under my fingers.








maxresdefault (1).jpg









7 thoughts on “The Things That Made Me: part 3

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  2. You’ve done it again! Your own special brand of ‘Time Machine.’ I won’t name all of the memories jogged except like the late great Noel Coward I STILL re-read my Nesbit’s, in fact, I’d have to go and check BUT I’m fairly sure you gave me at least one of them! It was Russ Tamblyn as Tom Thumb that had me flying back to the Odeon in Southgate, sitting with my mum and delighting in everyone trying not to yawn. Go on, you try the ‘yawning song’ it still works, I’ve tried it with grumpy students. Thank you for my gloriously un-political moment, sent from a DEEPLY disappointed household.
    With love
    B xxx

  3. Oh…I wish I’d kept my Magic Robot! (amongst many other things….:-( ) A meander through the past is balm to the spirit at the moment when Brexit has fallen on us like a cloud of misery.
    Thank you, Clive xx

    • One of the positive and even exciting things, is that everyone everywhere is talking about politics, and that has to be good. Chancellor Osborne has beaten a retreat because now even the Tories know that his austerity measures have broken the country, and the liars, Johnson and Farage, have had to shut up, because they’ve now been caught out in their lies and everyone is having a go at them. (Like children, they hadn’t considered that they would one day have to face up to having lied.)

      So, not all doom.

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