Print N0. 7: Gawain Arrives at Fair Castle

Work has begun on the seventh print in the Gawain and the Green Knight series. Titled Gawain Arrives at Fair Castle, much of the poem’s narrative takes place within the walls of Bertilak de Hautdesert’s sumptuous home. Here Gawain will find rest and succour and be treated as an honoured guest, though his stay is made awkward by the seemingly amorous attentions of Lady Hautdesert. All is not quite as it appears, though he won’t find out until after he’s left the castle what deceptions have been practiced on him.

Here’s a clean drawing laid out ready for me to start in with the colour.


Fair Castle is reinvented here as a gold and enamelled Byzantine citadel. The steep ascent spirals the crag on which Fair Castle perches, and Gawain’s horse, Gringolet, looks uneasy at the prospect of climbing it.



Pollarded trees reference the tattoos of the Green Knight seen in an earlier image.


Above, detail from The Green Knight Arrives.

7 thoughts on “Print N0. 7: Gawain Arrives at Fair Castle

  1. Fantastic “tree-tower”– thought those words immediately when looking at your Byzantine Fair Castle, and was struck by the memory that your own journey also had a Tretower! 😀
    Hugs 🙂

  2. The sketch and colour ‘glimpses’ are looking very tantalising Clive! 🙂
    am I right in thinking that only two of the prints have been released for sale so far?

    • Hello Pete. Yes, just the two so far. We’re keeping the rest under wraps until the exhibition opens on Sept 8th. Dan Bugg and I are in there throes of getting work ready. Crazy busy!!!

      Hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying the new job. C xxx

  3. Oh goodness….that’s looking very exciting! I love the way that the ‘ribbon’ from Gawain’s lance has shapes echoing the castle. (too hot here too, Liz!)

  4. Love the clean sketch, it will be a delight for you to colour in I expect. This is going to be a stunning exhibition. I hope you’re managing to have some sort of summer too. Here’s love from France, ( too hot!) xxxxL

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