10 thoughts on “Medieval Modernity

  1. What a stunning cover!! I’ve commented before on how much I admire Dan Bugg for continuing the important traditions of the 20th century printmaking ateliers, so that artists, like yourself, have the freedom to work in print. It’s amazing to see what the two of you have created together, since I first introduced you to each other last year. Since then, I’ve enjoyed seeing Dan come out of the shadows and be celebrated for his expertise as a printmaker. You should both be very proud of what you have achieved.

    • Sarah, we’re fortunate indeed to have had our image selected. A glance inside the magazine today has shown me there were a wealth of images from other artists the editor might have used, so Dan and I struck lucky. And yes, it’s great to see him in the limelight. He really enjoyed the opening and throughout the evening he was deep in conversation with a succession of people who wanted to congratulate him. Working with Dan has been the greatest pleasure this year.

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