Peter Slight’s Gingerbread Zombies

My friend Peter Slight made these Gingerbread Zombies after he saw the characters developing in the sketchbooks for my forthcoming Hansel & Gretel picture book. (Random Spectacular, November 2016)

Since Peter brought them here in a carrier-bag, they’ve been hanging out in the upstairs sitting-room where I suspect they watch the ‘Horror Channel’ when my back is turned. They’ve been almost impossible to live with since I told them they’ll be going to London for the book launch, and now they are way too excited!!!

DSC09291 (1).jpg



12 thoughts on “Peter Slight’s Gingerbread Zombies

  1. I’m delighted to see these scene-stealing biscuits – and Peter – make a welcome return to the Artlog. I recently spotted the gingerbread fiends taking a curtain call – and shamelessly hogging the limelight – over at the Facebook page of Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop, so best be prepared for all kinds of attention seeking behaviour at their forthcoming book launch!!!

    I know I am among some longtime horror fans here, so I wanted to see if anybody has come across this film – The Gingerdead Man – which I only very recently discovered. I understand it is listed in the Top 10 of the worst horror movies ever and there are sequels!! It looks like must-see viewing for your very own zombie henchmen and with a tagline of ‘Being Evil Never Tasted So Good’ how could they resist?!!!

  2. They’re coming to the launch? Yay! Keep an eye on them, if they escape it’s going to be like a London zombie apocalypse movie, they’ll get into the underground system and wreak havoc…

    • Ha ha, whilst I love the idea of a zombie gingerbread style disaster movie Phil, I also quite like the idea of them being on their BEST behaviour and carrying around small trays of nibbles at the launch, like tiny yet sinister butlers!

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