The Toy Town Theatre


It’s been a long year. For me, and for my partner Peter too, our various projects have kept us hard at work. Peter curated two exhibitions and wrote the catalogues to go with them. Moreover he’s just delivered his manuscript to the publisher on the art of Roger Cecil, and there will be an exhibition next year.


For me 2016 was largely taken up with three projects: the ongoing series of prints on the theme of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, made in association with Dan Bugg of the the Penfold Press, the halfway point of which was celebrated with an exhibition at the Martin Tinney Gallery earlier this year. There was the publication of Hansel & Gretel (Random Spectacular), which had been two years in the planning and making, and the completion of my work on a forthcoming toy theatre being produced by Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop.


2017 promises to be just as busy, with a yet to be announced project for the stage – which for the present time I must keep to myself – and the continuation of the Gawain project, due for completion in March 2018.


For now, and in the sprit of the season’s greetings, the images in this post are of the Toy Town Theatre that Dan Bugg and I produced as a Christmas card for the Penfold Press. Working with Dan has been one of the great pleasures of 2016, and though there were times when we both thought we’d never make our deadlines, of course in the end we did. In the coming year there will be more Gawain work, plus a few surprises, forthcoming from the Penfold Press. Watch this space.


Happy Christmas 2016 from Peter & Clive (1).jpg

8 thoughts on “The Toy Town Theatre

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  2. We will definitely be watching this space, no doubt about that! You are an inspiration to us all. I love the card, the little figures are delightful. Peter must be in his element and loving what he’s doing now, work well dear Clive and Peter, and have a Happy and Healthy 2017, with our love xxxL&G

  3. What can you hear?
    What can you see?
    More magic ahead
    Than is found on a tree.
    Your gifts that are shared
    Through out all the year,
    The warmth of true friendship
    For which we all cheer!
    Hip hip and hugs.
    Love as ever
    B xxx

  4. Love the old Christmas lights! Well done indeed on such wonderful work created in 2016.
    Do try and have a bit of a rest, you will burn yourself out…….fizz!

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