Hansel & Gretel at the Tegfryn Gallery, Menai Bridge


Above: design of a poster for Benjamin Pollock’s Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre Kit. Gouache and pencil on board.

In September there will be an exhibition at Oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge, of all my work made over the past few years on the theme of Hansel & Gretel. There will be illustrations for a German alphabet primer and the collages made to illustrate a Hansel & Gretel short story commissioned from St. Jude’s and published in their magazine Random Spectacular 2, the complete illustrations made for the Hansel & Gretel picture book published by the Random Spectacular imprint in 2016, and the artworks for the Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre kit due out at Easter, commissioned by Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop in Covent Garden.

DSC00176 (1)

Above: illustration for Random Spectacular 2. Collage.

The twenty drawings produced for the Hansel & Gretel picture book will form the heart of the exhibition, together with the Pollock’s designs for the Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre. All of the works will be viewable and available for purchase from the gallery or the online catalogue at the time of the exhibition. I’ll post the finalised dates of the exhibition when I have them, here at the Artlog, at my official website and at Facebook.


Illustration for the picture book Hansel & Gretel, published by Random Spectacular in 2016. Pencil and collage.


Above: design for a German alphabet primer. Collage.

Unknown – Version 2

Below: trailer for the Hansel & Gretel picture book, published by Random Spectacular in November 2016.

12 thoughts on “Hansel & Gretel at the Tegfryn Gallery, Menai Bridge

  1. Hi Clive. I will be visiting Dartmoor England from June 6 to the 27th. Will you have your artwork in any galleries during that time? Even if the galleries are in Wales, we could come up that way to see your work. Thanks!

    • I have no one-person exhibitions on during June. However, my work is always available at the the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff. Check out my artist’s page on the MTG website to see the gallery’s current holdings of my work. While a limited amount may be on display at any given time, staff will always be happy to bring work out of the store-room for viewing.

  2. this is exciting, looking forward to visiting the show ‘virtually’ online.

    Clive I just wondered if you are planning to put the small colour study of the penultimate scene, painted mostly in ‘ectoplasmic’ green paint that you showed me when I visited, into the show?

    also really looking forward to the theatre kit as well – i’m going to need to buy at least 3 copies! 🙂
    (one to keep, one to cut up and one for my son)

    • Hi Pete. Funnily enough it’s still up in the studio. All of the original drawings for the book are packed in a portfolio ready to go to the framer, but that study I’ve so far withheld from it. Not sure I want to part with it.

      I have an early stage proof of the theatre made on the wrong card stock, but I long to see the final version. I have a suspicion that I won’t see anything more now until it’s printed and launched. My work is done! (-;

  3. Lovely (and scary…ooh, that trailer!) post. Each time I see little Hansel and Gretel I feel a real rush of love for them…..they’ve almost become like little cousins that live far away! Looking forward to September x

    • Awwww, Shellie, I’m so pleased that you feel for them. I kept them very simple in the hope that the drawings would suggest vulnerabilities and anguishes. And I’m quite sure they’d very happily pack their little suitcases and come and live with you! They always wanted a dog!

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