18 thoughts on “Southampton Solent Graduation Day

  1. Lovely, gorgeous, darling Clive person!! I can’t believe that a mix of computer probs and darned life-itself has meant that I have only just this minute been able to look at the Artlog again….and find that you have been elevated to realms that you not only deserve but positively ENHANCE!! So, so pleased and delighted that your superb talent has had this public recognition…..no-one deserves it more ๐Ÿ™‚ (plus….the outfit is just fab…….you look like a superior version of an Elizabethan courtier, with (as it were) knobs on!!) Love & congrats xxxx

  2. Congratulations Clive from Southampton. You seem to be following a true path, always questioning, awake and alive with creativity. xxTerenja

    • Thank you, Terenja. It’s true that I’ve never wanted to sit around stagnating, relying on old tricks and settling into comfortable patterns. Whenever anything begins to look comfortable, I feel an uncontrollable urge to overturn the apple-cart and watch all the fruit go bouncing down the hill. Ha ha! Creativity needs to be alive and dangerous. We all need to take risks.

    SO proud and happy for you and of you, oh Stage School Babe.
    Within the world of the imagined, Dorothy and Trevor will be ‘kvelling’ with joy, as am I, [actually all 3 of us]
    Love as ever and always
    ps. So, are YOU the new Doctor? WHO could be better, tee hee.

  4. Congratulations Clive!!!!!
    A proud moment for you and Peter.
    Delighted for you. (and about time too)
    Maggie, Steve and Phoebe xxx

  5. Great , Clive
    ยก Enhorabuena !
    This that you say in your interview, reminds me of this speech from one of my “Idols”, that I keep among my treasures. I do not know whether I shall have been able to copy it for you.
    Love from Madrid

    • My dearest Rebecca, you once wrote to say how how much you missed me, and now I write to say likewise. Time passes too damned fast, and still I haven’t made that trip to the USA to hold you close, whisper silly stories and make you smile. One day, one day, one day…..

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