The Eight Stencils of ‘The Exchange’



Seven colours and eight transparent stencils. (There are two black ones.) Here the eight are stacked, held in place by tabs over registration pins. The effect is misleading. The stencils deeper in the stack are rendered milky by the layers over them, whereas in reality the tonality will be evenly distributed across the image. But this dreamy effect is beautiful in its own way. Luckily I checked the last batch of photographs before sealing the package, because I noticed here that the light on dark of the ropes supporting the mast, needed adjustment because they appear to go behind the topmost waves. All corrected now. Today the parcel will be dispatched to Daniel Bugg so that his work can begin.

7 thoughts on “The Eight Stencils of ‘The Exchange’

    • Liz, my poor brain went on strike for a day after I’d completed the stencils and sent them to Dan. But now I’m girding my loins preparatory to starting on the next composition. I keep telling myself this has all got to be good for my right-hand/left-hand brain function! (-; xxx

  1. Wow! I’ve loved each and every one of this series of prints so far, and then another one appears and i’m blown away all over again, it’s gorgeous! I do love the quality of these stencils and really looking forward to seeing the final image with all that colour πŸ™‚

    • Me too, Phil. I have some idea of what the colour will look like, but the complications of the process are such that there are always unexpected outcomes, both good and not so good. Whatever happens, you can be sure there will be tweaking! xxx

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