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Scrolling through my long established blogroll, I discovered countless broken links. Some clicks carried visitors to sites that while full of past treasures, had long ago ceased from updating. The conclusion can’t be avoided that what had once been a delightful route to adventures elsewhere, had become a list that no-one was using anymore. So I’ve discontinued it, for the present.

However I shall be building a blogroll afresh again, and some of those who were on the old one – dependable and sharing artists, authors, poets, publishers and friends committed to the art of writing  – will be reinstated. (And I’ll happily listen to arguments from anyone wanting an old favourite returned.) But the fact is that everything needs freshening up from time to time, and today I’ve had a Spring Clean!

Until later.


14 thoughts on “The Blogroll

  1. I realised a while back that most of the links on my Blogroll led to moribund sites and now that you’ve prompted me, I might do something about it. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking of moving over to WordPress in the hope that there might be more traffic there. Or am I being overly optimistic and blogging is really in its death throws?

  2. Ok, my nominations for blogroll return are:
    (in no particular order)
    * Phil Coopers Hedgecrows blog
    * Judy Watsons illustration blog
    * and Lynne Lambs painting blog

    I hope to see their safe return soon!

  3. This WordPress theme doesn’t display a sidebar on individual posts; many others do. You could also replace your blogroll with a links page, linked from the top bar. But that wouldn’t eliminate the need to keep it updated, which is rather a pain.

    • Hi Dave. Yeah, I finally realised why Liz wasn’t seeing it. Just putting up your blogs now. It was you that got me into blogging, so the Artlog wouldn’t be here today without your encouragements.

  4. I always wanted to be on the Artlog blog roll *sigh*

    Maybe one day…

    I wonder if many of those who have stopped updating blogs have moved on to other social media

    I miss the feeling of community that the Artlog generated and the happy banter.

    P.S. I’m on Instagram now Clive:

    • Oh, how weird! It was there, or appeared to be there from my PC. I’ll look into the matter. But if only I was seeing it, that could account for why it wasn’t getting any traffic!

      One answer to the puzzle might be that you were only ever visiting a single post, linked from an e-mail notification that there was a new one up. The blogroll didn’t show on a single post. However, clicking on the banner to open up the whole blog site, also revealed the information in the right-hand sidebar. Might this have been what was happening?

      • That’s exactly it, I just clicked on the banner and got the calendar, list of recents etc, which doesn’t come up at all with the single post email link. So for your info then: followers don’t get the side info, because if they, like me, read all your blogs as they arrive, there is no need to click on the banner unless dipping into archives. Incidentally there is no blogroll on the side info now, but presumably that’s because you are spring-cleaning?
        Hey the sun’s coming out!xxL

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