In Rehearsal on the Stage of Milton Court Theatre at Barbican



Hansel & Gretel in a workshop rehearsal at Milton Court Theatre last week. Puppeteers Diana Ford (left) and Lizzie Wort (right) play the roles, and interestingly swop puppets during the process, so each plays both characters.


Poet and author of the Hansel & Gretel text, Simon Armitage, drops in on rehearsals at the Milton Court Theatre, Barbican and meets Gretel, here being introduced by her director!


Photos courtesy of Phil Cooper

12 thoughts on “In Rehearsal on the Stage of Milton Court Theatre at Barbican

  1. Sorry I’m a bit late with this comment. The puppets have heartrendingly tender yet bewildered faces, what wonderful carving! I know you’ve probably said before, but who made them? He/ she is a genius, you must feel very pleased with them, he/ she has captured the very souls of your drawings; and 10/10 for Phil’s photo of them. I hope rehearsals are going well, good luck with it all. XxxxLiz

  2. I agree with what everyone else has said! But also love the texture of the carving, the faceting, showing through the paint. I like to see makers marks, especially when in wood.

    Does anyone know if tickets are available to purchase for the Barbican showing yet? I keep checking the Barbican website but it brings nothing up when you type it into the search bar. Am I being too premature, or missing a trick?

    • Hi Peter. You’ll see the Barbican dates in the list of tour venues below. The Barbican Milton Court Concert Hall is in a new building just outside the main Barbican complex.

      I’m not entirely sure whether the tickets are yet available, but if you check the Goldfield Hansel & Gretel website from time to time, that’s where the details will eventually appear.

      Cheltenham Festival WORLD PREMIERE – 7th July 2018
      Lichfield Festival ‘book at bedtime’ Lichfield Guildhall – 13th July 2018
      Lichfield Festival matinee Lichfield Guildhall – 14th July 2018
      Three Choirs Festival – 29th July 2018
      Oxford Contemporary Music – 14th September 2018
      Jack Lyons Concert Hall York – 3rd October 2018
      Barbican Milton Court Concert Hall Schools Matinee – 12th October 2018
      Barbican Milton Court Concert Hall – LONDON PREMIERE – 12th October 2018
      Canterbury Festival Colyer-Fergusson Concert Hall – 21st October 2018
      Bath Spa University – Michael Tippett Centre – 24th October 2018
      Broadway Theatre (Letchworth) – 4th November 2018

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