Telling Tales

St George (1).jpg


Announcement in the current edition of English Heritage Magazine:

‘Clive Hicks-Jenkins is our selected artist for this year’s theme of ‘Telling Tales: The Myths, Legends and Folklore of England’. Look out for more of Clive’s work, which will be appearing across our website, magazine and social media channels over the year ahead.’

Image: Saint George and the Dragon for the article ‘Saint, Soldier, Slayer’, by Michael Carter.

6 thoughts on “Telling Tales

  1. Congratulations Clive! The wonderful news of an artist of your calibre being commissioned by English Heritage has sent me on an enjoyable trip to the first half of the 20th century today, which was a halcyon time for British public and commercial art. The common cultural mantra “Art for All” lay behind initiatives aimed at democratising art and spreading a taste for it beyond its customary audiences. London Underground; Shell-Mex; and J Lyons & Co were among the corporate patrons bringing art to the public in an unprecedented way. It was a time when artists could move freely from fine art to illustrating to design, without being pigeonholed, which I know is a notion that greatly appeals to you, so I’m thrilled that you have been given the opportunity to add this exciting campaign to a portfolio, which is already incredibly diverse.

    Seeing your first illlustration of Saint George, I am reminded of both Edward Bawden and David Gentleman, with whom you share the gift of being able to combine your own distinctive artistry with skilled draughtmanship to visually arresting effect. I’m thinking of the murals that both Bawden and Gentleman did for London Underground, as well as David Gentleman’s cover illustrations for the New Penguin Shakespeare series, and his logo design for the National Trust, all of which have become classics of twentieth century illustration and design. Like my fellow Artloggers, I am now eagerly anticipating the other tales you – and English Heritage – are going to be telling us this year!

  2. *Mazel Tov!” Medusa mused, as one magic moment meandered through her mind!
    Delighted for you and for all of us who will be strolling along with the’teller of tales.’
    Love as ever.
    B xxx

  3. Crikey!! Well done Clive πŸ™‚ this brief was tailor made for you!! Can’t wait to see what images emerge from the Hicks-Jenkins HQ on this theme!!
    I am assuming that this gig will include a full range of merchandise?! I need mugs, magnets and T-shirts with these images on – I NEED them!!

  4. Telling tales,..
    in all their colours, shapes, forms, and shadows(!),..
    The Myths and Legends can live on!
    Enjoy your ‘story-telling’ Clive.
    I will look forward to it.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this final image, especially as I was present at the conception of the idea, with your first musings sketched at our kitchen table……love the colours, and although a still image it’s packed with movement, how do you do it? Much love from France in the Spring XxL

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