Re-making the Fairy Tale

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Daisy Wynter wrote to me at Instagram re. Hansel & Gretel:a Nightmare in Eight Scenes:


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“I love your work so much, I can’t stop looking at it and the wonderful textures you produce. Is it colour pencil or some kind of printing technique for these images?”



I replied:

“The drawings were made in black Faber Castell pencil on either paper or lithography film, with occasional use of collaged textures that I produced myself by various means.



I made separate ‘stencils’ in crayons and paints on lithography film for the colours. The layers of drawings and stencils were assembled digitally by the book’s designer Laurence Beck, which is the point at which the colour was added.


We did it this way so that we could experiment with the colour palette, and this turned out to be a great advantage because along the way we radically changed our ideas to those we’d set out with.


The overall intention was to capture something of the golden age of lithography printing. I’m not keen on illustrations that are essentially photographs of painted artwork reproduced on coated art paper. We planned on uncoated paper and a matt finish throughout the book, and the slight mis-registration that can be one of the delights of lithography and screen printing.


The images and text feel integrated in this way, especially as we added colour to some of the text to denote which characters are speaking.”


Below: several layers of pencil and crayon on lithography film. These were separately scanned and assembled in the computer…


… at which point colour was digitally added.


Below: the tailpiece of the book.

IMG_1017 (1)


4 thoughts on “Re-making the Fairy Tale

  1. I can understand why Daisy wrote to you with that question Clive, the drawings are so rich and fascinating I’ve marvelled at them since I got my copy of the book. There are some great examples of contemporary illustration out there, but you gave Hansel and Gretel it’s own wonderfully unique character, and there’s nothing else quite like it 😊

  2. I love these entries where you explain the way you work, and arrive to the final result. You make it all seem so simple! (As if anyone who tried could arrive to such beauty.)
    But, of course “It Had to Be You”. ( As in the song.) Someone other than you would try to copy your technique and just make a mess, or a flat image at best, with no spirit.

    Thank You!!!
    And Love for you both fom both of us, in Madrid

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