In Birdland

Peter Wakelin will be interviewing Clive Hicks-Jenkins on the 29th September, 19:00 – 20:15. The first in a planned series of online art interviews organised by the Contemporary Art Society for Wales, admission to In Birdland is free. There are 100 places available for the live event which may be viewed around the world, though registration is required.

Click HERE to register.

About this Event

While caged at home for lockdown, Clive Hicks-Jenkins has surrounded himself with birds. His projects have included his miniature picture-book Bird House for Design for Today, a new print of birds and beasts for the Penfold Press and illustrations for Simon Armitage’s translation of the medieval poem The Owl and the Nightingale, forthcoming from Faber & Faber. Birds have appeared often in Clive’s paintings, notably his series on St Kevin and the Blackbird and CASW’s The Virgin of the Goldfinches in Llandaff Cathedral. In this live interview he will talk about how birds weave their way through so much of his work, his inspirations and practices and his collaboration with the Poet Laureate. There will be time allowed at the end for audience questions.

Above: Illustration from Simon Armitage’s The Owl and the Nightingale

Below: St Kevin and the Sunflowers. Private Collection

Below: Startled Peacocks: Private Collection

Below: Illustration from Bird House, due out from Design for Today in November


4 thoughts on “In Birdland

  1. What larks!!
    I’m simply ‘cukoo’ about it, just going to ‘swallow’ some coffee, must fly.
    ‘Birdie’ Bern xxx
    ps.Didn’t know if you knew,Reggie always calls me ‘Birdie’ in birthday cards.

  2. Looking forward to this hugely Clive. Shame it is only just over an hour – I know you two could entertain us all night long 😉
    I will view with a glass of wine to toast from Penzance.
    Warm Wishes.

  3. Registered for the event online. It is going to be great to see Peter and you again, even it is a virtual encounter.
    I can’t wait for the 29th. (We shall have an early supper to be able to watch and listen to you both with no interruptions.)
    Love for both of you from both of us (caged here in Madrid)

    • Maria, I thought you and Javier might be pleased to hear about this. I’m relieved you booked as I think the take-up of places will be quite swift. Though the arrangements are in place to make a recording of the event available at YouTube, I knew you’d rather see it live.

      Sending love from the Ystwyth Valley. XXX

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