Beauty first sets eyes on Beast

Olivia McCannon’s description of the first encounter:


I have no words for what I see                               

appearing from this scenery of

supernatural wealth – must 

process chthonic splendour rigged

with glowing eyes and claws, 

clothed in the violated cosmos                  

spiked with satellites and artificial stars

needing time and having none

I lift beyond my body

leave a dress

6 thoughts on “Beauty first sets eyes on Beast

  1. So opulent, so powerful, jewel like despite the blood stained teeth. The terror. ‘I lift beyond my body’! Phew. This is on a different level. Well done to both of you!

  2. Truly scarey…I had to look away BUT then come back to stare, look, explore & see the beauty.
    Thankyou for the most unusual Monday morning I’ve had in an age.
    B x

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