Christ Writes in the Dust: Clive Hicks-Jenkins in Conversation with Rebecca Gibbs

On Tuesday, 28th March at 19.30 BMT, I’ll be ‘In Conversation’ with Rebecca Gibbs as a part of a programme of events organised with the Ecumenical ‘Lent Conversations’ team in association with Articles of Faith and Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol. There’s an exhibition of works from the Methodist Collection of Art, open from 6pm on the evening of the event, at which my painting, Christ Writes in the Dust, commissioned by the trustees of the collection, will be on view. Booking is free on Eventbrite.

Click HERE to book a place.

The event is taking place at Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Rd, BS8 1NU. There will be a Zoom facility for those unable to attend in person, and details of that may also be found at the link above.

Below: chiaroscuro study for Christ Writes in the Dust.

5 thoughts on “Christ Writes in the Dust: Clive Hicks-Jenkins in Conversation with Rebecca Gibbs

  1. Dear Clive : I have gone to the three related entrances, to watch and read all ( I had not yet discovered your Artlog by then ). I love this painting of yours, with Christ and his single brow. writing in the sand. And with the two men hiding their hands with the stones, behind their backs for pure shame. And the adulteress , her head down, the rope around her neck, pulled by the third man to her stoning…
    I would love to go to Bristol, but do not travel any more , not even to the seaside, much as I miss the sea. I do not have the strength any more. I have tried for the online viewing, and shall try again tomorrow. And ask for help from my youngest ( a wizard in programming ), so I hope I shall be able to attend .
    I know it is going to be wonderful.
    Love from Madrid

  2. Dear Clive I’m sorry I don’t live in Bristol any more! Andrew and I have moved to Cornwall (Mousehole) and we’ve been here full time for 9 months. I’m still working a bit – in fact I’m going up to London to do a day for Suzy Evans with Hadyn Taylor as Production Manager, at the end of this week. I love reading of your activities and seeing your work and we are enjoying your beautiful Gawain print in our new house. With love Diana

    Diana Favell 07974 793150


    • Diana, I’m not sure I knew you were in Mousehole. I hope you’re happy and settled in. I travel to London more rarely these days, though was there recently on business with Folio Society in Bermondsey. I feel increasingly like the country mouse in the city, anxious to get back to my green patch in west Wales. Sending my love to you and your family.

  3. Great new piece Clive or am I mistaken and is this old work? The men below in the painting look like echos from the past. I try to read your post coming with the work. I was very sorry to hear that your gallery is closing down. Kind regards from Amsterdam ….

    • Mathijs, ‘Christ Writes in the Dust’ was produced at the same time as I was making your painting, ‘The Angels in Their Anguish’. So that was 2010/11.

      Yes, it’s a bit of a blow, Martin Tinney Gallery closing. I’ve been represented by the gallery for twenty-five years. Not quite sure where I’ll go from here.

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