Spectral Pegasus: Dark Movements

  My exhibition Dark Movements, made in collaboration with the American poet, Jeffery Beam, ran through the Summer of 2015 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The dancer Jordan Morley was tireless in his support for the project, turning himself inside-out and … Continue reading

‘Dark Movements’

Moving toward Dark Movements  … In 2002, when I completed the drawing On the Mountain in the series The Mare’s Tale, I believed it marked the end of my work on the theme of the Mari Lwyd. The series had … Continue reading

Dark Movements: ‘the quickening’

Here I show the early stages of work on the painting The Quickening, currently underway. I’ve included images from other paintings and drawings that I’m referencing into it. You might call this post a combination of mood-board and progress report. … Continue reading

new scene for the ‘Dark Movements Toy Theatre’: the Mari Lwyd comes by night

Component Parts: backdrop, free-standing mid-stage element, ground-row and 2 x wings … Backdrop … Free-standing mid-stage element and ground-row … Wings … Concept Sketch … Realisation … Details Waterfall at stage right … Rock face at stage left … … … Continue reading

making a new scene for the Dark Movements Toy Theatre

Below are some sketches of a new scene planned for my ‘Dark Movements’ toy theatre. … A giant skeletal horse strides the night sky, dwarfing the Welsh village crouched beneath the sentinel ruins of castle and viaduct. Rocky cliffs make … Continue reading

Farewell to 2017

2017 was jam-packed with work and events from start to finish. In the Spring the Música en Segura festival took me to Andalusia for Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time concert, for which I’d made images to be screened … Continue reading