Alphabet Soup: Moving pictures – Natalie d’Arbeloff and Vicki Johnson

Two contributors offered moving picture submissions. Natalie used the coloured alphabet shown earlier in a video.  She says: I made digital paintings of each letter then a speeded-up slideshow with multi-tracks of my voice saying random letters. It’s a ‘poem-like … Continue reading

Alphabet Soup: Ballet, birds and alliteration, edible and other – Anita Mills, Eve Jones, Florence, and Lucy Kempton

This will be something of a bumper post, but if I’m to keep to the schedule and finish with a grand finale on Christmas Eve, needs must! ~ Anita Mills has created this very elegant, crisp ‘Balletphabet’, using, of course, … Continue reading

Alphabet Soup: Whole alphabets – Liz King-Sangster, Chloë Redfern and Natalie d’Arbeloff.

Some people, rather than restricting themselves to individual letters, produced whole alphabets.  Among these, Liz King-Sangster has made this remarkable alphabet of animal forms, each creature forming its own initial letter: As it says on her website: Liz lives in … Continue reading

Alphabet Soup, the first course: Outdoors and In – Stephanie Redfern and Philippa Robbins

Clive has very kindly entrusted me with the keys to the Artlog, not for a wild party but for the on-line open exhibition of alphabet-based art, which with his support and with participating artist Shellie Byatt,  I’m very honoured to … Continue reading