james artimus owen on ‘thaliad’

Over at Marly Youman’s Thaliad page on Facebook, there has been handsome praise for the book from author/illustrator James Artimus Owen. … J A O: It (Thaliad) was one of the few books I’ve purchased in recent years that I think was executed flawlessly, in every way. M Y: Oh James, thank you! That’s so, […]

making a cover for Thaliad: the publisher and the artist in e-mail correspondence

… Elizabeth Adams to Clive Hicks-Jenkins: 15 June 2012 15:52:42 GMT+01:00 … ‘Dear Clive, Thaliad will be 6 inches wide by 9 inches high. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll do a hardcover edition as well; I’d like to. The one I did for Dick Jones’ Ancient Lights worked out well, and since this will be a special book […]

preparing the bookplate for ‘thaliad’

I’m cutting the lino-block for the Thaliad bookplate this week. Here are the preparations. A first, as-rough-as-they-come study. But I liked the liveliness. … Second study, the bird rendered as a cut-out in order to trial various positionings. … The third study, which is a collage. Collage is a much better technique than a drawing […]

Thaliad Is Icumen In

… … Words from Elizabeth Adams at Phoenicia Publishing on Marly Youmans’ Thaliad, launching on December 1st. … ‘Clive, my brain feels awash in oak leaves, berried garlands, and village-scapes that capture the New England-y essence of places Marly and I have always called home, but are not at all Welsh — it’s a tribute to […]

pre-order Thaliad

… From today you can pre-order Marly Youman’s new title Thaliad from Phoenicia Publishing. I’ve had a preview of the work that Elizabeth Adams has done on its design, and I can promise you that the book is going to be very beautiful. … Praise for Thaliad. …a wondrous text filled with richly layered and evocative poetry. Like […]

the process of preparing the ‘thaliad’ page decorations

Noah’s Ark. … Enquiring minds have been wondering about how the Thaliad page decorations are being made, and so here are the stages of one image from start to finish. … First come the drawings, usually quite rough, that guide the process. … … … I prepare pages of thin paper worked with black acrylic paint. […]

ben and the thaliad risograph

… In recent years many artists have increasingly relied on ‘giclee’, a high quality ink-jet printing process, to reproduce original paintings as affordable artworks. I’ve never felt at all inclined to market my work in this form, because while I acknowledge that the process can reproduce an image to a high standard, for me a print […]