Random Spectacular No 2

Over at Saint Jude’s, Random Spectcular No 2 is about to be launched. Editor and designer Simon Lewin writes that it’s “a collaborative exploration of the visual arts, literature, music, travel and much more.” Anyone lucky enough to have nabbed a copy of the the inaugural edition a couple of years ago (see below) will know that a treat is in store.

Some of the artists who’ve contributed to the project are Ed Kluz, Christopher Brown, Emily Sutton, Angie Lewin, Mark Hearld, Jonny Hannah… a favourite of mine, who has produced the splendid Random Spectacular No 2 cover you can see below… and me. My offering is an illustrated re-telling of Hansel and Gretel (see top image) with a twist!


All profits from this issue will again be donated to the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres that St. Jude’s have been pleased to support over the years. Over £6,500 was raised from the first issue of ‘Random Spectacular’ and there are hopes to beat that with issue no. 2. You can sign up for a copy