marly’s beautiful book-to-be

Yesterday Andrew Wakelin laboured all day over the lay-out of Marly Youman’s forthcoming book The Foliate Head. This has been a long-term project, discussed and dreamed about for well over a year. However it’s been one of those things that just had to wait its turn in the queue, delayed while I finished the cover image and the interior decorations, and while Andrew quarried a few free days to stay with us here at Ty Isaf and dedicate time to the book design and lay-out. Finally… and after a vote at the Artlog to select the image most favoured for the cover… all the visual elements were in place and Andrew pencilled in this Bank Holiday weekend for the big push to get the design laid down ready for Stanza Press, the poetry wing of PS Publishing.

Detail of one of the chapter-title pages. The font is ‘Minion’. Marly’s five-poem sequence ‘The Book of Ystwyth’ loaned its title to last years anthology of works by six poets. Here it’s included as short ‘chapter’ within ‘The Foliate Head’.

Andrew is a wizard typographic designer, though busy man that he is his work in that field these days is pretty much limited to the projects he’s undertaken for me and Peter. Last year he designed the Lund Humphries monograph Clive Hicks-Jenkins and The Book of Ystwyth for our own Grey Mare Press imprint. Before that he designed The Temptations of Solitude, with its beautifully laid-out interior and tipped-in plates in the style of early art-books. (A nod back to those days when ‘art paper’ was used sparingly, and the plates were printed separately before being trimmed  and  mounted where they were required in the text, often protected with the thinnest sheets of tissue-paper.) So, we are nearly there. Tomorrow we’ll be tweaking things and running them past Marly for her approval.

Jack keeps the graphic design Maestro company. The table is littered with detritus from my last session of finishing off the black and white page decorations.