portraits of buildings


Welsh Chapel – 82 x 62 cm – 2004

Peter and I spent time last week at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, enjoying the exhibition of Stanley Spencer paintings made for the Sandham Memorial Chapel, currently on tour while conservation work is undertaken on the building. On the way back to Aberystwyth we spent a night with our friends Nicolas and Frances at their home in the Wye Valley. (More on that in a later post.) When I walked into their living-room on Friday afternoon, I was taken aback by a painting I’d forgotten they own. Dating from 2004, it’s of a Welsh chapel, and as such is a quite rare example of a large painting by me of a single building without a still-life incorporated into the foreground. (Most of the building portraits I make are on a small scale, and square in format.) I don’t believe I’ve ever shown it here at the Artlog, so now seems a good moment to do so. Nicolas and Frances have quite a collection of my work, and it was lovely to be reminded that this painting is among them.

In 2004 I had an exhibition titled Prospects of Wales at the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff, in which there were a good many of my more typical, smaller Welsh building portraits.