and in the garden…

… as fine a display of autumnery as I’ve seen here!

Even Llewellyn, with the burnished copper of his coat, seems to have entered into the spirit of things. Everywhere clarets, russets, rose-pinks and tawny peaches. Flaming reds too, and shades of purple from the deepest chocolate maroon of the bugle to the smoky violet of geraniums. Blown roses the colour of rhubarb syllabub. Hips jewelling the green with drops of blood. Ripe colour at every turn. A painter’s dream.


9 thoughts on “and in the garden…

  1. Isn’t it cheering that the strong and very defined autumn colours herald the darker days of winter. I find it hopeful rather like a lifeline of orange + red over the dark graphite of winter that finds the end of the arc with the fresh creams, yellows and blues of early spring. Well, something to keep one going!

    • Yes Zoe, Basil and Llewellyn now companionably share the paddock. We kept them separate for forty-eight hours, but so calm were they in proximity, albeit with the electric fence between them, we decided to cut short the time we’d intended for them to get to know each other better, and we opened up the space. Llewellyn even lets Basil rear and rest his front hooves on Llewellyn’s shoulder, so that he can better investigate the larger animal’s head. Very endearing. And they’ve raced up and down a fair bit too. I think they’ve been getting the measure of each other.

  2. Lovely colors and shapes. Yes, go for a walk–it all looks usable! Particularly those graceful oval hips on long curved stems. Those look Clivean already. Rhubarb syllabub! How perfectly old-fashioned. You’ll have to mix a bowl in the new dining room.

    When you and Peter are finished–you don’t want to gild the perfect lily–you can come over here and play with my ramshackle 1808 center-hall. I’m sure after you have a nice lie-down once work is done at Ty Isaf, you’ll be casting around for a new project. XD

    • The rhubarb is over now, so the syllabub will have to wait until next year. (Just been out to collect the last of the raspberries, both the red and the gold varieties.) Maybe I can make some when you visit next Summer!

      I wish I could say that the lily will be gilded and done with by 2011, but I fear that if you’re going to be dependent on us coming to do for you once we’ve finished here, I’d hazard a guess that having just scratched the surface at Ty Isaf, there could be another three to four years work on this old place before we’ll be done and dusted. Can you wait that long? (-;

      • Ramshackle is of great patience and only becomes more itself! No, I’m afraid we’ll have to stay that way now that we have such a heap of college loans. But we shall be a literate ramshackle, I trust! Once you are done, you may each sit on a beautiful silk pillow and be admired.

    • Oh you’d love it Anita. I could barely drag myself back in again. I justify time out there with the reassurance that it’s all for the art! Everything gets used at the easel!!!
      What do you think of our handsome new guest in the paddock? Isn’t he a fine one?

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