wolf-boy day two

A study for Hervé and the Wolf. Conté and acrylic paint.

Touch is at the heart of the story of  the blind boy and the wolf. Hervé, sightless from birth, can only smell, touch, imagine  the ravening horror that descends like a lightning-strike to kill and eat his dog. Touch for this saint-in-the-making is his daily exploration and negotiation of the world. But here, in the bloody fur of the predator, it is also where revelation, forgiveness and redemption lie.

5 thoughts on “wolf-boy day two

  1. his slight lean away from the wolf makes a strong impact…and the size of the wolf–his expression, too, is quite frightening!
    really beautiful!

  2. So exciting to see this new Herve project, these are bold and beautiful. At the end of the week I’ll go to the 7 saints chapel and light a candle for Herve, and for our dogs and their courage and sacrifice.

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