Puppet Season at the Artlog

… Puppet Season at the Artlog …

In the coming weeks I’ll be going into overdrive in the studio, as I enter the final stages of designing environment models and stage sets for The Mare’s Tale, and competing the last of the puppets for the production. So while I’m busy with that I’ve decided to have a ‘Puppet Season’ at the Artlog, kicking off on Monday with a week celebrating contemporary puppetry. I promise you surprises, oddities and wonders, so come prepared to linger for a while.

Above: Erik Sanko puppets from the book To Each His Home by Bilyana Dimitrova

Below: My own home, Ty Isaf. The red beast is a study for the cover of the book Witch, the nativity is a gift from Marly Youmans, and the Snow White set of lead figurines was given to me by Peter many christmases ago. The puppet head is newly-made for The Mare’s Tale.

6 thoughts on “Puppet Season at the Artlog

  1. Watching the puppets evolve for the Mare’s Tale in previous posts is a treat but knowing that you’re going to widen our knowledge of contemporary puppetry even further like this is extra special. I shall be taking a ring side seat!

  2. What lovely pics, so looking forward to the puppet season at the Artlog – it was Paul Klee who first got me to look at puppets with renewed interest and you’ve ignited my curiosity much further Clive – I’m over in Berlin at the moment where we’re lucky enough to have several puppet theatres and a museum. There’s a Paul Klee inspired show in September we’re going to and an international festival in October so I’ll send you photos 🙂

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