penparc cottage still-life drawings

This is by way of a follow-up to yesterday’s post of drawings I made last week of the garden at Penparc Cottage. From the archive I’ve trawled these images of work made at the cottage when I was preparing for an exhibition of still-life paintings. They were made in a frenzy of creativity. Time was short and the many drawings were swift. Pages and pages of them. I love working like this, when the energy flows and there’s barely time to think. Nothing studied or laboured over, but just speed and the impulse firing twixt eye and hand. I don’t know where the drawings are now. Quite a lot sold, so I’m glad we photographed them.

3 thoughts on “penparc cottage still-life drawings

  1. I absolutely adore these drawings – the time pressure and speed at which you had to work looks like it focussed your energies, each little study is so happy in itself, the drawing so confident , but light and dancing, such a joy!

    • So please to read that you’ve enjoyed these, Phil. I think it takes a practising artist to know the the joyous feelings that spring from making such swift work. It’s that wonderful sense of being in a flow of almost unstoppable energy. Thank you for your kind words.

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