blue/grey and bone white

A while back I wrote HERE about planning to stencil our drawing-room with a design of blackbirds. It’s taken a while to nurture this project to the next stage, because the room had to be extensively prepped ready for painting. That included repairing joists under the floor, stripping the floorboards, peeling away old anaglypta from the ceiling and frieze and making good the plaster-work underneath. The walls were filled, sanded and lined with paper. Then came the momentous day when we had to choose a colour to paint the walls as the base-coat for the stencilling. We decided on a Farrow & Ball colour called ‘Parma Grey’, with the ceiling and plaster-work in another F & B colour, ‘Pointing’. Hard to describe the ‘Parma Grey’. By daylight it appears to be a blue/grey, but in the evening and by electric light, it could better be described as grey/blue. Today after extensive experiments, I settled on the stencilling colour, which is the same off-white of the ceiling, cornice and frieze. Originally we’d intended to paint the room a rather rich colour, but we pulled back from that because we didn’t want to make the space feel smaller. There was also the matter of hanging prints and paintings that wouldn’t have been seen to best advantage on walls that were too busy. So, here’s the test bird stencilled onto the chosen colour. Tomorrow I’ll prepare for the stencilling by putting pencil guide marks on the wall with spirit-level and plumb-line. I think that when finished the room is going to look rather beautiful.

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