the beautiful caterpillar

Found nestled in a gate post on a path below Ty Isaf this week, the extraordinary caterpillar of  a Pale Tussock Moth. I’ve never seen one of these before, and as I didn’t have my camera with me I had to trawl the internet afterwards to find and identify. It was the most incredible, day-glo lime green, curled in a perfect spiral. I though it was a fisherman’s lure made out of nylon and thread! You think you know the countryside and what lives in it, when out of the blue something new sets your eyes on stalks! This seems such an exotic creature for a British Autumn. (Though right now we’re enjoying a bit of an Indian Summer!)

12 thoughts on “the beautiful caterpillar

  1. As you might imagine, I would *love* to see a caterpillar that looked like that — so long as it wasn’t an invasive species, that is!

    Just packing up my computer and taking to the road this morning. For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading Artlog on my email as I’ve had less time to be online. It’s been hectic closing up the house, spending time with my family while getting the van roadworthy for the upcoming trip. If all goes well, in about 6 weeks, I’ll be in Arizona. If technology doesn’t let me down, I should be able to stay connected between then and now, and may even have a more time to drop by and leave comments on my favourite blogs – of which yours is one!

    • Safe journey Bev. Enjoy your trip. I’ve spent the Summer calling by at your blog and marvelling at what you’ve achieved with the house. You’re working wonders there. Next year I’m sure you’ll have the place looking fantastic.

      Glad to be among your favourites. A real honour. Thank you. Give the dogs big hugs from me.

      • Bev, I’ve left a message on another of your comments here, explaining that your site still isn’t accepting messages. I’ll keep checking

        Safe migration my friend. Please drive carefully and take good care of yourself.

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