Hansel & Gretel Pop-Up Card


From a distance I’ve watched progress on this Hansel & Gretel Pop-Up Card, published by and available exclusively from Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop in Covent Garden. The design, which draws on elements I produced for the Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre Kit, comes with an envelope for posting. It’s impressively packed with detail and the construction is incredibly clever.


I’d always hankered for a pop-up project, and so I was pleased when Louise at Pollock’s declared her intention to create a card on the Hansel & Gretel theme. I couldn’t be happier with the result. My congratulations to the team who put in so much hard work to create this.

10 thoughts on “Hansel & Gretel Pop-Up Card

  1. Oh Clive. Another wonder. I want one to go with my Toy Theatre but I don’t find it on the shop’s website. Should I just write their general email to inquire how to obtain one, or is there someone in particular I should write?

  2. Mr. Clive-Jenkins, the work is striking and I view the art background of yours sort of mix of several painters Cubist? I have problems with the photo, just doesn’t photo clearly? Lightings or ? I am going to look at the Benjamin Pollock ‘s Toy Shop online.
    Lucky for many of your viewers, you post excellent steps in your work. And the narrative is easy to follow. Do many children write to you about your children’s literature creations?

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