the penguin modern classics cover

I fear I had to make you all wait for this, but here it is at last.

It’ll be a little while yet before the book is available for purchase, as it’s not due out until mid 2013. The maquette is currently in Saint Helier, on show in a display-case at the Jersey Arts Centre.

Last year it starred in a documentary by the film-maker Pete Telfer, in which some maquettes went through their paces in short animated clips. The clips were really just a light-hearted way of illustrating the range of movement the maquettes are capable of. In reality they get blu-tacked to a wall of my studio, and I change their arrangements almost daily. I’d often said that if someone took daily photographs of the ‘maquette wall ‘, then after a year there would be an interesting animated film to show for it.

28 thoughts on “the penguin modern classics cover

  1. It’s interesting how some of the pieces are raised off the surface, creating shadows. The effect is somewhere between 2D and 3D. I love this piece!

    • Hello Dean. The figure is a two-dimensional maquette, held together with brads and capable of being arranged in many poses. I make maquettes and use them as compositional aids for my paintings. Click on ‘Maquettes and Constructions’ in ‘Topics’ at the top right of this page, and you’ll find many posts showing not only my own, but some made by other artists for an online exhibition here earlier this year. You can also see the Equus maquette ‘in action’ HERE!

    • This is the first that’s made it to the cover of a book. It was originally made as a compositional aid for the Old Stile Press illustrated edition of Peter Shaffer’s Equus, though in the end I didn’t use it, having made THIS one to replace it.

      Now I’ve seen the design I think it works extremely well, though I can’t take any credit for the idea of using it, because that was entirely down to Isabelle de Cat, Picture Editor at Penguin.

  2. Yay! Worth waiting for – love it. The image brings a more human quality to the front cover than previous ones I’ve seen. There have been some great Equus covers but this has a unique quality that nobody else has achieved , it’s beautiful

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