Two Tales at the Tegfryn Gallery: C H-J and the Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra

Detail from Flight (see the full painting HERE)

2013 – mixed media – 56 x 76 cms

I’m pleased to announce that my next exhibition with Martin Tinney will be at Oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge, during May/June 2014. The title of the exhibition is Two Tales, and it will comprise thirty-five new paintings on the themes of the two productions I’m collaborating on this year with the Artistic Director of Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra, James Slater: the Stravinsky/Ramuz The Soldier’s Tale, and the Bowden/Walford Davies The Mare’s Tale. The recently completed Flight, which Artloggers have been watching in progress here over the past few weeks, is the first new work off the easel for this project, inspired by a scene in the animation I produced for The Soldier’s Tale at this years Hay Festival, in which Joseph and the Princess float over the palace garden.

All enquiries to the Martin Tinney Galleries.

13 thoughts on “Two Tales at the Tegfryn Gallery: C H-J and the Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra

  1. clive, may i ask about the underpainting? i see a little red, and i’m wondering if you did the base-painting that you do on your panels? but i also see black peeking around edges in the garden, and i can’t imagine that it could be oil pastel and not have muddied the overlay color, so is that paint as well?

    • I primed the paper with my usual ‘Golden’ red oxide acrylic paint, except for where the figures had been lightly drawn in pencil. Then I brushed black over the red, but allowed the red to show through in places. (The red doesn’t really register in photographs, but you can see it when you stand in front of the painting.) The palace, the garden, the distant buildings and the tulips were all worked not in oil but soft pastel. On completion I secured the surface with Spectrafix, a non-toxic fixative made from casein, alcohol and water. It comes in a pump-action applicator and dries to a completely matt finish. Joseph and the Princess were rendered in oil-based as opposed to wax-based pencils, requiring the white paper as a ground. This is why I’d been so careful at the outset to paint the red oxide and black around the figures.

      I love the effect of soft pastel on a very dark ground. You have to work harder to get luminosity, but the effect is rich and rather akin to the depth of colour you get in stained glass.

  2. Really exciting news about the exhibition, I’m so, so looking forward to it. ‘Flight’ is quite bewitching, what a start – treats indeed, and we do like treats 🙂

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