a toy theatre made from wooden building blocks

For The Curious One’s forthcoming website, Johann and I made an image of a toy theatre.

The starting point had been a model assembled from my collection of wooden building blocks.

First I made a drawing of it

but the website needed a stage that could be augmented with scenes and animation, and so we simplified the idea and made an image out of separate components collaged together.

Today I made another toy theatre from building blocks, and added scenery. Here I present…

Day of the Triffids

with a second act performance of The Kraken Wakes!

I feel some paintings coming on!

15 thoughts on “a toy theatre made from wooden building blocks

  1. Somehow, I missed this post– and it’s wondrous!! I *love* those colored pieces making up the first image, and the angles on that yellow version–what a jewel this post is!!! I hope there’s more!

  2. I’m glad you see the dried cactus as a kraken too – I have plans to draw a kraken/cactus tattoo on a the china doll I bought recently. I love the scale relative to the brick theatre. Exciting work!

  3. I have fallen in love with the toy theatre you and Johann have created for me. Its beautiful simplicity is its strength.

    I have just written, in response to a previous post, about how evident it is that your time on Bryher has captured your imagination. However, it wouldn’t be Clive if that imagination didn’t take a distinctly darker turn at some point and stray into the territory of a malignant force emerging from the sea to take over the world! I’m just glad you didn’t explore this idea, whilst still on Bryher, as there is a good chance you wouldn’t have slept at night!!

    • I like the fact that Johann made the frottage from the old floorboards of the studio here at Ty Isaf. A bit of physical reality layered into the imaginary world of a toy stage.

      The turbulent seas off the most exposed point of Bryher, certainly got me thinking about tentacled sea monsters!

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