The Making of Christmas at Camelot

An album of images, from first drawings through to final print.



Christmas at Camelot by Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Seven-colour screen-print editioned by Daniel Bugg at The Penfold Press.

Numbering seventy-five prints, signed, titled and numbered by the artist, and stamped by The Penfold Press.


16 thoughts on “The Making of Christmas at Camelot

  1. Oh my! Staggeringly lovely work, Clive…..and each step on the way is filled with such thoughtful yet playful ideas. I am utterly in love with the colours…at each step!

  2. Clive! It is so nice! I celebrate that line-work in the drawings, the overlay of patterns and colors, the spirit of the image, etc. I’ve been away from your work for too long it would seem.

    • Jack, my thanks for your comment and support. I have been a stranger to yours for too long, too. Work deadlines have had me in their grip. I need a long catch up with you. Sending warmest regards from Wales.

      PS. I use your beautiful bowls and ladle every day, so you are never far from my mind.

      • Thanks, Clive! I am happy to have the regards, and I certainly get the busy schedule. I think of you often. I’ll look forward to catching up one day in the future. Greetings from my land as thousands of geese are migrating overhead.

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